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SEAJET 031 Samurai Antifoul 2.5L

SEAJET 031 Samurai Antifoul 2.5L

International Boatguard 100 Antifoul 2.5L

International Boatguard 100 Antifoul 2.5L

International Antifoul Trilux Prop-O-Drev 500ml

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Trilux Prop-O-Drev

Trilux Prop-O-Drev is an incredibly hard antifouling designed specifically for outdrives, outboard legs, propellers, and sterngear. Ideal for both amateur and professional applications, Trilux Prop-O-Drev is a testament to innovation in marine coatings.

Technical Specifications

  • Suitable Substrates: Can be applied on GRP/FRP, Lead, Steel, Wood, and are especially designed for aluminium and stainless steel when used with the appropriate primer.
  • Drying Times: Offers rapid immersion times with the ability to immerse after just 3 hours at temperatures ranging from 0°C (32°F) to 35°C (95°F).
  • Application Method: Convenient aerosol spray, providing a smooth application even on awkward shapes and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Recommended Number of Coats: A minimum of 3 coats for optimal protection.
  • Coverage: Approximately one 500 ml can per medium-sized outdrive.

Key Features

  • Color Options: Available in Grey (YBA768) and Black (YBA798) to match your preference and vessel aesthetic.
  • Finish: Provides a matte finish that contributes to the sleek appearance of your marine equipment.
  • Density: A specific gravity of 0.8 ensures the antifouling remains effective yet unobtrusive on your gear.
  • Environmental Consideration: With a VOC content of 691 g/lt, it meets stringent environmental regulations.
  • Shelf Life: A generous 2-year shelf life when stored in correct conditions, offering lasting value.
  • Storage Temperature: Optimal between 5°C/41°F and 35°C/95°F, away from direct sunlight.

Application Details

  • Preparation: Essential to prime bare metal and factory enamelled surfaces with Propeller Primer, especially for aluminium and alloy to ensure adhesion and efficacy.
  • Thinning and Cleaning: For equipment care and maintenance, VC General Thinner is recommended for both thinning and cleaning purposes.
  • Practical Tips: It is crucial to apply the calculated amount of paint evenly, even if it necessitates an extra coat, to maintain performance.

Safety and Environmental Compliance

  • Storage and Transportation: Ensure containers are securely closed and stored within specified temperature ranges to preserve integrity during transport and storage.
  • Safety Protocols: The product contains biocides; hence, wet sanding is advised over dry sanding or burning off old antifoulings. Comprehensive health and safety guidelines are available and should be consulted before use.
  • Disposal: Adhere to environmentally responsible practices by not discarding tins or pouring paint into watercourses. Consult local authorities for disposal of leftovers.

Utilization and Performance

Trilux Prop-O-Drev antifouling paint is designed for the diverse environments that marine equipment encounters, from seawater to fresh and brackish waters. With a matte finish and robust formulation, it provides hard-wearing protection that withstands the rigours of below-the-waterline components. 

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