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Mastervolt MASS Combi Ultra 24v/3500w/100A Invterter/Charger

Mastervolt MASS Combi Ultra 24v/3500w/100A Invterter/Charger
Our Price:  £2,792.99(Inc. 20% VAT)

Part Number:  38023500
Brand:  Mastervolt
Features:  AC_imputs
Watts:  3500-4000
Outputs:  2
Input Voltage:  24
Peak Power:  7000 - 7500
Wave Type:  Pure Sine Wave


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Mastervolt MASS Combi Ultra 24v/3500w/100A Invterter/Charger


The new standard in power systems

Mastervolt, the Dutch leader in off-grid electrical systems, has unveiled an innovative new Mass Combi Ultra series. This compact inverter/charger combination with a smart transfer system, highly efficient MPPT solar charge regulator and separate second charger is all enclosed within a robust quality unit that is easy to install. Following the ever-increasing demand for higher power and greater comfort, systems are becoming more and more complex. In response the Mastervolt team went back to the drawing board to redesign what was already the best product in the market. Our goal was to fulfil the requirements of today and tomorrow, which the Mass Combi Ultra achieves by integrating all the common needs of an electrical system. This simplifies installation, lowers overall costs and significantly increases performance.

The latest technologies

The Mass Combi Ultra includes revolutionary technology developed by Mastervolt’s own engineering team. Notable achievements include combining the latest V6 high frequency converter technology with ultra-fast and powerful DSP controls. This offers major user benefits such as a low ‘no load’ current, preventing your batteries from draining, and extreme peak power capability which allows high current loads such as air conditioning to start-up easily without power dips or light flickering. Another benefit is the high efficiency, which makes the Mass Combi Ultra the most complete product in its class.

Mass Combi Ultra in a Mastervolt system

The new Mass Combi Ultra fits perfectly into Mastervolt systems. All components are easily connected via MasterBus and installation can be controlled and monitored intuitively, even with just one MasterView Easy touchscreen. This will provide and manage all information about the Combi, the batteries and other sources such as the generator, grid or solar panels. The system is also suitable for Digital Switching, Mastervolt’s decentralised digital switching system.


General specifications 

 Display/read-out LED display

 Dimensions, hxwxd 472x318x175 mm / 18.6 x 12.5 x 6.9 inches

 Weight 15 kg / 33.1 pounds

 Approvals CE, ABYC


Technical specifications 

 Charge characteristic IUoU, automatic 3-step+ for AGM/gel/Lithium Ion/flooded/flooded traction/spiral/NiCad

 Ground relay adjustable

 Temperature range (ambient temp.) -25 °C to 60 °C, derating > 40 °C / -13 to 140 °F

 Protection degree IP23 (vertical mounting)

 Protections over temperature, AC over load, AC short circuit, DC short circuit, high battery, low battery

 MasterBus compatible yes


Specifications sine wave inverter 

 Nom. DC voltage 24 V (19 – 32 V)

 Output voltage (± 2%) 230 V - 50/60 Hz (± 0.005%) adjustable

 Output waveform true sine wave, Thd < 1% under standard conditions

 Cont. power at 40 °C, cos phi 1 3500 W

 Surge capability 7000 W – A

 Parallel configuration yes, up to 10 standard

 3-Phase configuration yes

 Max. efficiency 91 %

 Max. ripple on DC (battery) < 10%

 No-load power consumption (ON/inverter OFF/OFF) 16 W / 2 W / 0 W


Specifications battery charger 

 Nom. input voltage 180 – 275 V

 Nom. battery voltage 24 V

 Max. charge current at 40 °C 100 A at 28.5 V

 Charge method secondary charger IUoU, automatic 3-step+ or constant voltage

 Secondary charger output voltage 12-24 V adjustable

 Secondary charger output current 10 A

 Temperature sensor battery yes, included


Specifications transfer system 

 Generator input (switched) 50 A

 Mains input (switched) 30 A

 AC output 1 67 A

 AC output 2 (switched) 50 A

 Transfer time seamless (UPS, < 1 ms)

 Transfer voltage range (adjustable) 180 – 275 V

 Transfer frequency range (adjustable) 35 – 65 Hz

 Power Sharing / Generator / Mains Support yes


Solar input (DC) specifications 

 Input voltage range 15-100 V

 Max. PV power 500 Wp

 Max. input current 18 A

 Max. charge current 15 A at 28.5 V

 MPP voltage range at nom. power 35-80 V 


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