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12V Waterproof Advanced Regulators

12V Waterproof Advanced Regulators

£118.99 Save £21.41 (RRP £140.40)  

Part Number:  AR12W
Brand:  Sterling Power


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Pro Reg BW waterproof advanced alternator regulator

This product is recommended for alternators lower than 150A rating, for larger refer to the Pro reg D (PDAR)

Voltage DCSize L x W x D mmWeight Kg
12120 x 80 x 450.4

Includes battery temperature sensor and 1m cables.

Unit actual rating (the actual device rating): Positive field control 8A maximum field current, Negative field control 13A maximum field.

Real world rating (rule of thumb): 12V alternator with standard regulator fitted, up to approx 350A alternator, more if negative field control. 12V alternator with no standard regulator, stand alone, about 150A more if a negative field control.

Pro Reg BW Features explained:

Digital software control with slow start:
Digital control (software) uses lines of computer code, digitally burned into a memory processor in the Advanced Regulator. This means that very complex information and mathematical algorithms can be processed that would not be possible with an analogue hardware system. The unit ramps up the current over a short period of time to reduce the chance of alternator belt slip.

Can be used in parallel or a stand alone reg:

This unit can be used as a stand-alone regulator as well as in parallel with the original regulator. Sterling believes that, where possible, to leave the existing regulator in place this offers the Sterling Reg a fall back safety position in the event of it failing.

Single unit fits 99% of alternators:
The reason for this is very simple, if you check other makes, you can find 12-15 different models to cover what the Sterling will do with 1. The problem with this is the public must supply correct information about their alternator and batteries to ensure they receive the correct Advanced Regulator.

Self diagnosing fault findings:
The performance and benefits of an Advanced Regulator are beyond dispute, however, an Advanced Regulator which has been incorrectly installed or fails, can have devastating effects on a boat. It will destroy the batteries and could easily set fire to cables.
Sterling takes all this into account and recognizes that some boats on which these regulators are used have poor wiring and other faults. Because of this we scan the system every two seconds and if all the parameters are not within our pre-set values then the unit will switch ‘off’ and signal a fault. This, in my opinion, is the most important aspect of this type of device, a point not shared by our competitors.

Information 8 LED display:
Most Advanced Regulators have no real information being transmitted to the operator and as a result one has no idea what is going on. Depending on the model we give the operator as much information as possible as to what is happening with the product and the installation system in general.

High battery temperature trip:
Most Advanced Regulators monitor the battery temperature to perform the task as explained above, but what is the point of monitoring the temperature if in the event of a battery going over temperature you do nothing about it? Sterling software will pick up the high temperature and in the worst case of a battery exceeding 50 deg C, will switch ‘off’ the regulator and display a warning.

High alternator voltage trip:
This is the most common trip used. In the event of poor wiring, incorrect installation, or any fault in the system, the alternator voltage will rise too high; the unit will trip out and display a warning.

In event of failure auto return to standard regulator:
There are many good reasons to leave the standard regulator in place, one of them being that, in the event of a Sterling failure or any trip condition of the advanced regulator, your standard regulator will automatical...

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