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Rutland WG1200 Windcharger - 24 Volt

Rutland WG1200 Windcharger - 24 Volt


Part Number:  CA-06/02
Brand:  Rutland


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Rutland WG1200 Windcharger - 24 Volt

Experience the powerful but quiet operation of the new Tri-namic profile blade. Our latest windcharger, the Rutland 1200 new for 2016 is the ideal companion for generating energy on board.

The Rutland 1200 is our new generation of turbine designed for users seeking higher generating capacity on board yachts and in off-grid locations.

The Rutland 1200 elegantly combines a number of high tech features focused on quiet operation, low windspeed performance and high power delivery up to 500W.

Why Rutland?

  • Our low wind speed start up is unrivalled. The highly ecient blade and generator designs deliver charge into your batteries long before many other turbines are picking up. Overall that’s more power to you!
  • We innovate, leading the way in our industry on aerodynamic, electronics and low friction generator designs to deliver modern, durable wind turbines that have continued to stand the test of time.
  • We keep it simple and user friendly for our tens of thousands of users worldwide. Eg our blades have a positive one-way-only t so there’s no need for the user to align with other components.

Design Features

  • Unique Tri-namic Prole Blades The most advanced Marlec designed Tri-namic Blade brings together low wind speed start up with high wind speed power performance and almost silent running across all wind speeds.
  • 3 Phase AC power delivered from the turbine to the controller minimises voltage drop on long cable runs
  • The low friction generator responds rapidly to windspeed changes and its inertia drives the turbine on between gusts to capture more energy
  • Power optimising Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) boosts the turbine’s output
  • Marine grade stainless steel and aluminium are combined with modern, durable but lightweight materials to give a high quality build and finish.

Getting Your Rutland Up and Running

The Rutland 1200 includes the controller needed for battery charging up to 2 separate battery banks. It is a purpose designed wind and solar energy hybrid controller accepting inputs from the  Rutland 1200 and up to 20A of solar panels.

Select the model required, 12V or 24V. The regulator should be located within a 1.5m cable run of the battery bank.

An optional remote digital display is available.

Marine Mounting Pole – a Rutland Marine Mounting Pole and separately supplied Stays Kit give a professional nish to your installation OR make your own to suit your own based on tube specied at 41mm internal and 48mm external diameters.

Cables & Connectors – select between 2.5mm and 4mm 3 core cable. Permanent battery connections are recommended.

Batteries – deep cycle gel or AGM types are recommended with renewable energy systems. A good quality range is available from Marlec.


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