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NASA Yacht Repeater

NASA Yacht Repeater

Furuno FI-70 Colour Instrument

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  • Port: CAN bus (NMEA2000) x1
  • Display Unit: 4.1" Color LCD (QVGA 320x240 pixels)
  • Temperature: -15°C to +55°C
  • Waterproofing: IP56
  • Power Supply: 15 VDC through CAN bus (15 VDC 0.25 A max, LEN3)
  • Weight: 0.29 kg
  • Size: 115 x 115 x 32mm

The FI-70 sports a vibrant 4.1" bonded color display that is visible even in the harshest sunlight conditions. It features an easy to operate graphical user-interface that allows the user to customize almost every display property, to choose how and what information is displayed.

Simple Setup for Powerboats and Sailboats alike

No matter if installed on a powerboat or a sailboat, the FI-70 Instrument / Data Organiser will be equally useful with the proper sensors connected. For maximum performance and simple setup, the FI-70 automatically asks the vessel typer during setup, helping to customise the operation of the unit. With its low power consumption and easy installation, its hard to imagine a vessel where the FI-70 wouldn't be a benefit.

Display Data

  • Speed: STW (Speed Through Water), Max STW, Average STW, SOG (Speed Over Ground), Max SOG, Average SOG, VMG, Velocity Made Good.
  • Wind: AWS (Apparent Wind Speed), TWS (True Wind Speed), Max TWS, AWA (Apparent Wind Angle), TWA (True Wind Angle), Beaufort Wind, GWD (Ground Wind Direction).
  • Heading: HDG (Heading), Average HDG, Heading on Next Tack, ROT (Rate of Turn).
  • Course:  COG (Course Over Ground).
  • Timer: Count Down Timer 1, Count Down Timer 2, Count Up Timer.
  • Navigation: Bearing, RNG (Range), WPT (Position), XTE (Cross-Track Error), Position, ETA Time, ETA Date, Trip, Odometer.
  • Boat: Rudder Angle, Trim Tabs, Roll/Pitch.
  • Engine: Engine RPM, Trip Fuel Used, Fuel Rate, Engine Trim/Tilt, Boost Pressure, Engine Temperature, Engine Hour, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, Coolant Pressure, Engine Load, Transmission Oil Temperature, Transmission Oil Pressure.
  • Tank: Tank Level 1-6.
  • Depth: Depth.
  • AIS: AIS (Max targets: 25, fixed 6NM range)
  • Voltage: Supply Voltage.
  • Enviroment: Date & Time, Water Temperature, Air Temperature, Atmospheric Pressure, Humidity, Wind Chill Temperature, Dew Point.

Display Modes

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