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Our Fair Pricing - What does it mean?

It seems that most chandleries now offer the ubiquitous 'Price Match Promise'. In this time when so many of us are time poor we don't think matching or beating prices when a customer contacts us is fair for everyone. We would rather offer the best value we can for all customers rather than charge higher rates for 95% of customers then offer bigger discounts to the few that do have the time.

Rather than charge customers more initially and have a price match promise, we aim to be the most competitive on products where we can so as to be fair to all of our customers. This does come at the extent of our margin though and does mean that we cannot offer further discounts. In our mind, a shop can either afford to sell an item at a price or it can't. We don't think that it is fair for some of our customers to buy an item at one price yet it costs less for another customer. So we have a simple, fair approach where we check prices for items online and if we can beat them or match them, that is the price we set for all of our customers. If we can't set a lower price than our competition we don't. What this means for you though, is that those people buy at our 'standard price' are not filling the coffers with excess profit so that we can sell the same thing cheaper to someone else who has the time to hunt around and contact companies to make further savings.

If you see the price checked logo on an item we should be the cheapest retailer for that item. We check prices using various techniques but we only match against real, UK based shops (so no foreign shops and no market places). The method we use to find prices is not infallible though so if you really hunt and trawl the bowels of the internet you might find the same thing a few pounds or pennies cheaper. What we do aim to do is be as competitive as we can, be fair and give the best value we can.

As said, the price match promise approach just does not seem fair to all customers.