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Veratron GO GPS GNSS Receiver Sensor - NMEA2000

Veratron GO GPS GNSS Receiver Sensor - NMEA2000


Part Number:  B00034901
Brand:  Veratron


Delivery in 2-3 days

  • 72 channel receiver
  • Fast cold-start position fix
  • Compatible with OceanLink 52MM Bezels 
  • 10Hz update rate
  • Up to 3 concurrent GNSS systems (GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO)
  • NMEA 2000 standard PGNs transmitted for position, time, speed and heading
  • Front-end SAW band-pass filter for enhanced immunity against electrical noise
  • Interchangeable bezel option

All your boat’s data close to your finger tips

Veratron GO is NMEA 2000 certified and features an integrated GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO receiver. Compact and easy to install, it does not require any additional protection against harsh weather conditions. 

Veratron Navdash App

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Launched beginning of 2020, The Veratron GO device was welcomed with huge enthusiasm. The GNSS is the smallest receiver on the market measuring 60.7mm x 18.9 mm.

Veratron GO features 3 versions, the Veratron GO (GPS), Veratron GO Data (Bluetooth™) and Veratron GO Plus+ (GPS and Bluetooth). These 3 NMEA certified devices share the same look but their functions are not to be confused.

The Veratron GO (797-B00034901) is a GPS/GLONASS/Galileo receiver in one compact package. NMEA 2000® certified, it has easy plug-and-play installation that do not require any setup. Built for marine use, extreme weather conditions and continual outdoor exposure, this powerful little device IPX7 protected, receives 12V DC power and connects to NMEA backbone via a standard NMEA Micro-C M12 5-pin connector. Accurate to 2.5 meters with a good sky view, the small instrument has high capabilities with 72 channel reception and a 10Hz refresh rate. A GPS fix can be expected within 30 seconds from a cold start.

The Veratron GO Data (797-B00041601) embeds a NMEA 2000 to Bluetooth Low Energy gateway which allows the repeat of all the vessel’s digital data to your smartphone or tablet. With 2.4 GHz band and 40 channels it can connect to a range of 160 meters (considering where the device is installed on your vessel) and up to 7 simultaneous connections are possible. Your data is protected since the device pairing via passkey is supported. The device can be programmed via the App to support approximately 50 sets of data including Engine RPM, Coolant Press, Rudder Angle, TWA or Battery Current.

The Veratron GO Plus+ (797-B00041701) combines all the features of the above devices in a single unit.

Together with the launch of the Veratron GO devices, the NavDash App has also been introduced, the first mobile App compatible with the Veratron GO. Download the App now from Google Play or App Store on the links above.

Now you have all your vessel data close to your fingertips!

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