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Sterling Pro Power Quasi Inverter 24v 150W

Sterling Pro Power Quasi Inverter 24v 150W

£46.49 Save £6.31 (RRP £52.80)  

Part Number:  I24150
Features:  Battery_protection
Watts:  150-200
Outputs:  1
Input Voltage:  24
Peak Power:  100 - 200
Wave Type:  Modified Sine Wave (quasi)
Battery Capacity:  n/a


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Sterling Pro Power Quasi Inverter 24v 150W

Socket Type: Universal

Voltage DC: 24

Power (continuous) Watts: 150

Size L x W x D mm: 100 oval 145L

Weight Kg: 0.3

Pro Power Q are Sterling’s range of quasi / modified sine wave inverters. Quasi sine wave inverters work with most electrical appliances, including: hair dryers, phone, computer chargers, microwaves, kettles etc. Exceptions to this are appliances which are thyristor controlled, for example, washing machines or bread makers. All sterling inverters are continuously rated at 40'C, with all the usual overload, over voltage and low voltage cut outs, all the inverters come with cable and 24kt gold connectors, in order to prevent battery terminal corrosion. The big plus with this type of the inverter is the cost it is low cost and high performance, linked in with fact that it will run 95% of general equipment subject to the correct output of the inverter.

This coke can size inverter is designed to fit in a car drinks holder. The unit includes the cable with lighter socket plug.


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