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24v 100amp Digital Split Charge System

24v 100amp Digital Split Charge System

£413.01 Save £114.99 (RRP £528.00)  

Part Number:  AB24100
Brand:  Sterling


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Charge your batteries over 5 times faster, input 50% extra power plus de-sulphate the batteries and make them last longer.
Can be used with†multiple†alternators
Available in: 12V†=†80A 130A 160A 210A 300A 400A††

† † † † † † † † † † †24V = 80A 100A 200A

Matching your alternator system to the correct unit:
The altertanor to battery number refers to the maximum total amps the unit can be supplied with. Example: AB1280 is 80A (only alternator(s) of a total of 80A or lower can be used. 2 x 40A is fine).†
This is a 100% unique product, not available anywhere else in the world, and totally designed and conceived by Sterling in order to overcome all problems experienced now and anticipated in the future with standard advanced alternator regulators. This following explanation is to help understand what it does and where it should be used and should not in any way be taken to demean any of the other charging products we manufacture.

Please note: The alternator to battery charger is an easy way to add advanced charging to many vehicle and engines, it is still very much suitable for most American Vehicles and most marine and other engines, but it is not suitable for modern vehicles / vans sold in Europe (Ford, VW, Merc, Renault, Citroen etc) and Japanese vehicles which have the new Euro† Regenerative braking control systems fitted to the vehicle, for these vehicles you must use the Battery to Battery charger range of products, look for the Regenerative Friendly Braking logo. †
†Advantages of the Alternator to battery charger over advanced regulators:
The main problems with all standard advanced regulators are:
1) Relatively difficult to install: This prevents semi skilled personnel from fitting .
2) Requires the removal of the existing alternator to work on it: This is not always easy to achieve and can add many hours of awkward work to an otherwise simple installation.
3) Requires extra cables to be run on the boat or vehicle: Again this can appear a simple thing, until a few hours work is required to pass a cable through a bulkhead.
4) Warranty on new engines: Some engine/vehicle dealers raise warranty issues if a new alternator is modified to fit an advanced regulator, with this product, the alt is not tampered with.
5) Total Package 95% of marine installations using an advanced alternator regulator also have some sort of split charger system. This product already has this split charge system built in to it.

How do we do this.
Well, in theory, it is very simple. With an advanced regulator which connects to the alternatorís regulator, we override the standard alternator regulator and we push the alternatorís voltage up† to increase the voltage at the batteries. This results in a massive charge improvement at the batteries.
With the alternator to battery charger we do the reverse. We put a ' load' on the alternator to pull the alternator voltage down. This fools the alternator into thinking that there is a major drain on the system and as such the standard regulator works at full current. However, the voltage is pulled down to a totally useless voltage for charging batteries. So, the new system takes in this high current, but low voltage, and amplifies the voltage to charge the auxiliary battery bank at a much higher voltage than the base system voltage. In order to achieve the fast battery charging, the software control program and settings for this product are the same as for our digital battery chargers and our digital advanced alternator regulator.

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