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Shakespeare Heliflex (ais Version) With 20m Cable And Bnc Plug

Shakespeare Heliflex (ais Version) With 20m Cable And Bnc Plug


Part Number:  818-HA156C-AIS
Brand:  Shakespeare


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Shakespeare Heliflex (AIS Version) With 20M Cable And BNC Plug

This compact, easy to fit and popular antenna is ideal for use with all Digital Yacht AIS products (receivers and transponders). Optimised for AIS use, this antenna will perform as well as much larger and more expensive antennas. Why fit an expensive splitter and downgrade the performance of your main VHF antenna, when you can easily fit this unobtrusive antenna at deck level, that gives very good AIS reception and doubles as an emergency VHF antenna in case of damage to the mast.

Important Note: The 20m cable fitted to this antenna acts as a tuned ground plane and should not be shortened or lengthened


  • Ultra light weight helical construction
  • Shortest helical stub antenna for AIS (0.2m)
  • Tuned to give optimum gain and performance at AIS frequencies (160-162Mhz)
  • Unobtrusive design for mounting at deck level
  • 20m of RG58 coax cable
  • Can be used as emergency backup VHF aerial
  • Bayonet (BNC) fitting for quick fit to all Digital Yacht AIS units
  • No ground plane required
  • Unity gain

VSWR <1.5:1 at resonance

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