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Scanstrut LMB-A2 Self-Levelling Radar Mount - Backstay (aft mounted)

Scanstrut LMB-A2 Self-Levelling Radar Mount - Backstay (aft mounted)

£1,285.99 Save £184.01 (RRP £1,470.00)  

Part Number:  LMB-A2
Brand:  ScanStrut


Estimated Delivery Time: 1 to 3 weeks


  • Hydraulic Damping
  • Bespoke Mounting Pole
  • High strength universal base for mounting pole
  • Suitable for any yacht
  • Nylon Backstay Bushing Supplied

Our Self-Levelling Radar Mount range ensures your radar stays level with the horizon at all times for optimum antenna performance. The main levelling unit features a fine turned damping system which reacts to major changes in heel angle of the boat. It is entirely maintenance free and no power is required.

As the boat heels or rolls, the radar is kept horizontal preventing target loss and giving the best possible radar picture. Our Backstay mounted version positions your radar away from any interference, leaving a clear deck free from obstruction.

Bespoke Mounting Pole - 2.6m (86) aluminium mounting pole, supplied in 2 lengths with hidden joiner piece. Cables are routed down a cable channel for a neat install

High strength universal base for mounting pole, eliminates loading on backstay. base can be deck, transom or chainplate mounted.

Suitable for any yacht, the stainless radome cradle has a fine tune adjustment for backstay angle and the product can be installed on both adjustable and split backstays.

Nylon Backstay Bushing Supplied, clamps around backstay allowing cable tension to be adjusted.

Additional 0.6m and 1.3m lengths available to mount your radome higher.

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