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Merlin Smartbank 12V 200A 2 Battery (No Gauge)

Merlin Smartbank 12V 200A 2 Battery (No Gauge)


Part Number:  19-3001
Brand:  Merlin


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Merlin Smartbank 12V 200A 2 Battery (No Gauge)


SmartBank Advanced is a split charging system that manages all batteries and all charging sources on your boat. For example, it will manage charge from the alternator and how it reaches the engine and domestic batteries. At the same time, the system will also ensure that power from your solar panel reaches all batteries on board.


SmartBank Advanced is controlled by the Merlin SmartGauge Battery Monitor to give you ultimate control and knowledge over your battery system:


·         All the features of SmartGauge Battery Monitor

·         Manages All charge sources on board (eg alternator, battery charger, solar panel, wind turbine etc) – you’ll never need another split charging device

·         Available for two or three battery bank systems, 12 and 24V DC.

·         Zero voltage drop – SmartBank Advanced does not introduce charging losses

·         Allows you to mix batteries of different sizes (eg a 75Ah engine start battery and 500Ah domestic). Suitable for battery banks from 50 – 2000Ah.

·         Adjustable connect and disconnect voltages.


Because SmartBank Advanced uses data derived from the SmartGauge, the system continually learns about your batteries. Over time, the system will automatically adjust settings to ensure that your charging system remains as efficient as possible. A five year old battery bank is very different to an identical one that is brand new.


The SmartGauge also becomes a remote panel for SmartBank Advanced and keeps you informed of system status. By pressing the Volts and Status buttons together you activate “Emergency Parallel” mode – this allows you to start the engine from the domestic batteries or make an emergency radio call from the engine battery.


SmartBank Advanced is easy to install and consists of: SmartGauge Monitor, SmartBank Advanced CPU, Heavy Duty Contactor and SmartBank/SmartGauge data cable. The system is available as a Full system (everything included) or as an Upgrade Pack (for those who already own a SmartGauge Battery Monitor).



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