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Merlin Kisae 2000w Inverter 12V (UK Socket)

Merlin Kisae 2000w Inverter 12V (UK Socket)


Part Number:  01-8040
Brand:  Merlin
Features:  Battery_protection
Watts:  2000-2200
Input Voltage:  12
Peak Power:  4000 - 4500
Wave Type:  Pure Sine Wave


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Merlin Kisae 2000w Inverter 12V (UK Socket)

Merlin inverters simply and silently convert 12V DC battery power to 230V AC mains electricity. Developing a Pure Sinewave they are suitable for use with all appliances including sensitive professional CCTV, radio and audio/visual equipment.

Protected against overload, overheat, short-circuit, low battery shut-off & high battery voltage. Their output is clean with a Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of less than 3% (better than normal mains power).

Each inverter is continuously rated at up to 25°C to ensure continuous operation even at full power. Each inverter uses convective (non-fan assisted) cooling at low power and thermostatic fan cooling at higher outputs/ temperatures. Heavy duty DC connection hardware is provided for resistance free connection to your battery system. Each inverter in the range has also been independently tested and complies with the requirements of the European ‘e-mark’. 24V and 48V input models available on request.


  • Pure Sinewave Output
  • 2000 watt output
  • UK Socket (note: picture shows Japanese socket)
  • USB Charger Output
  • Digital Display
  • Remote Panel Socket
  • Overload, overheat and short-circuit protection
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • European “e-mark” & CE certification
  • Easy to install and use
  • Remote panels available 


  • Continuous output: 2000w
  • 5 Minute Rating: 2500w
  • Surge rating: 4000w
  • Input Voltage:  10.5 - 15.5 VDC
  • Output Voltage: 230V AC (+/-5%), 50Hz (+/- 0.01Hz)
  • Low battery cut off: Yes, visual and audible warning then unit shut-down
  • Overload Protection: Yes, visual and audible warning then unit shut-down
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) in mm:  240x420x115
  • Weight: 5.5kg

Why are some inverters so cheap?

Inverters are available with either a square/stepped/quasi or Pure Sinewave Output. The former is an approximation of an AC Sinewave. Suitable only for running simple loads like a mono-filament lamp, they will cause overheating, possible damage and poor performance of sophisticated loads like microwaves, power tools, audio visual equipment etc.

Modified or Square Wave Inverters will also cause interference on computer screens, televisions and radios.

Merlin inverters develop only a Pure Sinewave Output with less distortion than normal household power. This guarantees interference and trouble free operation of all 230V appliances.Merlin Inverters feature substantial DC filtering to ensure that AC ripple back to the DC system (which causes interference on DC powered equipment) is substantially reduced.


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