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Mastervolt AC Master 24v 300W Inverter

Mastervolt AC Master 24v 300W Inverter


Part Number:  28020300
Brand:  Mastervolt
Features:  Battery_protection
Watts:  300-350
Outputs:  1
Input Voltage:  24
Peak Power:  600 - 700
Wave Type:  Pure Sine Wave
Battery Capacity:  n/a


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Mastervolt AC Master 24v 300W Inverter

Power you can rely on

  • Silent.
  • Small & lightweight.
  • Universal plug.
  • Designed for recreational and semi-professional use.
Always on course with Mastervolt…

Mastervolt ensures you an electrical system with no weak links and a dependable and silent power supply. Whether for recreational or professional purposes, with Mastervolt you always have power you can rely on... The power to be independent.

AC Master sine wave inverters

With a compact, lightweight and silent AC Master you can easily convert the voltage of a 12 or 24 V battery into 230 V/50 Hz AC current the same way you would at home or work. From microwave to hairdryer, DVD player to electrical tools, laptop to flatscreen; the pure sine wave preserves your equipment without disruption, humming or lines on the TV screen, while ensuring a longer lifespan of all connected equipment and saving you the costs of all those adapters.

Simple and safe to connect

The inverters benefit from robust connection technology with a cable and plug & play inlet.

Efficient use of batteries

The high conversion efficiency and automatic no-consumption economy mode ensure a longer lifespan for your batteries.

High peak loads for start-up

The AC Master sine wave inverters can supply up to 200% capacity for equipment that requires a short boost of extra power when starting up.

An end to humming with HF technology

Our use of high-frequency switch technology means you can say goodbye to humming transformers. Mastervolt inverters are also small and lightweight to ensure easy installation.


 Output voltage (± 5%) 230 V - 50 Hz (± 0.1%)
 Output waveform true sine
 Nom. battery voltage 24 V
 Cont. power at 40 °C, cos phi 1 250 W
 Cont. power at 25 °C, cos phi 1 300 W
 Peak load 600 W
 AC connection universal
 Efficiency 91 %
 Display/read-out LED display
 Min. battery capacity 30 Ah
 Dimensions, hxwxd

210x130x60 mm

8.3 x 5.1 x 2.4 inch


1.16 kg, 2.6 lb

 Approvals CE, E-mark, ABYC A-31



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