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AIS 1.2Mtr. Masthead, Powerboat VHF

AIS 1.2Mtr. Masthead, Powerboat VHF
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Part Number:  RA110AIS
Brand:  Glomex


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AIS 1.2Mtr. Masthead, Powerboat VHF

AIS 1.2Mtr. Masthead, Powerboat VHF.

The Automatic Identification System (AIS) is a monitoring system of naval traffic, useful for navigation safety with difficult meteorological conditions (fog or nocturnal navigation.) The AIS system operates on 2 expressly dedicated VHF channels (161.975 and 162.025 MHz) and allows the user to receive real time information about the traffic in the surrounding area. Glomex has planned and produced a range of calibrated antennas exactly for the specific VHF frequencies and for the AIS standards.

The RA110AIS will receive signals on AIS frequencies very efficiently even when the antenna, because of the boat rolling and pitching, is not perfectly vertical. The polished polyurethane paint and the waterproof connector will allow this antenna to maintain an excellent performance for many years.

Installation: Power Boat, Sail Boat, Inflatable R.I.B., Commercial Ship, Big Yacht, River Boat

Technical specification:

Frequency range: 161,975 - 162,025 MHz

Gain Average: 3 dB

Impendance: 50 ohms

Polarization: Vertical

SWR: 1,2 at 162 MHz

Max input power: 100 W

DC ground: No

Antenna length: 1m/3’

Antenna weight: 536g/18,90oz

Termination: RA106 solderless connector 

Warranty: LIFE TIME

Packaging: 106BOX4

Height (CM): 18,5

Width (CM): 117

Depth (CM): 12.5



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