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Dinghy Fittings

Comprehensive range of Dinghy Fittings for your boat. For all your chandlery, boat care and boat maintenance needs

Latest Products
Bung & Socket Black

Bung & Socket Black£2.95  £2.39  Save £0.56

Bung & Socket White

Bung & Socket White£2.95  £2.39  Save £0.56

Bung Only Black

Bung Only Black£2.33  £1.79  Save £0.54

Bung Only White

Bung Only White£2.33  £1.79  Save £0.54

Car Block Fitting (pair)

Car Block Fitting (pair)£20.27  £17.19  Save £3.08

Car Eye Fitting (pair)

Car Eye Fitting (pair)£8.63  £7.99  Save £0.64

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