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Digital Yacht iKommunicate

Digital Yacht iKommunicate


Part Number:  IK
Brand:  Digital Yacht
Product Type:  Converters/ Gateways


Estimated Delivery Time: 5 to 10 days

Digital Yacht iKommunicate

iKommunicate is a NMEA to Signal K gateway and server 

  • NMEA 0183/2000 to Signal K gateway – an easy way to get Signal K on existing and new systems
  • 1 x NMEA 2000 Interface
  • 3 X NMEA 0183 Interface
  • Signal K connection via RJ45 to suitable router (New iK Connect router also available as an accessory)
  • NMEA 2000 certified
  • Built in web server and web interface for easy setup
  • Built in micro SD slot for expansion and apps
  • Also provides NMEA data over TCP/UDP ports

What is Signal K?

  • Next generation interfacing solution for marine data exchange
  • Intended to be used not only for communication between instruments and sensors on board a single vessel, but also to allow for sharing of data between multiple boats, aids to navigation, marinas and other marine assets
  • Designed to be easily consumable by web and mobile applications and to connect modern boats to the Internet of Things.
  • Open source platform that has been rapidly growing over past few years with a core global programming group of talented boat owning developers
  • Signal K data is transmitted as a JSON string which is native to the internet and internet browsers allowing data to be very easily manipulated and displayed
  • Data can be sent over multiple mediums from wifi to Ethernet, Bluetooth to regular serial connections.

Why Signal K?

  • A need for a more sophisticated method of interfacing for marine electronics in todays ever more connected world – allowing a next generation range of applications for boating
  • A need for open source development to engage the applications development community and allow speedy, easy development of new apps
  • A need not just for on board interfacing of equipment but also connection to the Internet of Things and for interfacing between multiple marine assets – boats, ships, buoys, ports and more
  • A need for integration of web, cloud and mobile devices into the boat’s core navigation system

Easy Installation

  • iKommunicate features NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 interfaces so can just “T” into the NMEA 2000 back bone
  • Supplied with a 1m NMEA 2000 drop cable
  • Multi core NMEA0183 IN/OUT and power cable
  • Just connect to a router and NMEA/Signal K data will be available to the on board network
  • Updateable as standards develop using micro SD card or over internet/network 

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