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Clutches, Cleats and Jammers

Comprehensive range of Clutches, Cleats and Jammers for your boat. For all your chandlery, boat care and boat maintenance needs

Latest Products
Bullseye Swivel/Cleat

Bullseye Swivel/Cleat£58.91  £51.99  Save £6.92


BURGESS CREEPY CRACKSEAL 100ml£11.71  £11.12  Save £0.59

Cam Cleat Plastic Maxi

Cam Cleat Plastic Maxi£20.76  £18.99  Save £1.77

Cam Cleat Plastic Midi

Cam Cleat Plastic Midi£18.64  £16.99  Save £1.65

Cam Cleat Plastic Mini

Cam Cleat Plastic Mini£16.48  £14.99  Save £1.49

Cam Top Caps Maxi

Cam Top Caps Maxi£7.94  £7.78  Save £0.16

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