August Race Inflatable Boat Cleaner Test

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

August Race Liquid Rib Inflatable boat cleaner

Since opening our ship in the summer of 2019 we have not had as much free time as we used to so over the past year we have not really been able to get out and enjoy our boat, we are also guilty of not showing them the love they deserve and as you can see our inflatable dingy has gotten rather dirty since the last clean two ago now. We thought this would be a good opportunity to put our newest inflatable boat cleaner by August Race - Liquid RIB through it's paces. 

For a bit of context our inflatable has sat outside on a beach with no protection from the elements so a layer of dirt and grime has built up on the tubes as you can see below:


and now here are the finished results: 

The cleaning Process took about an hour as we had to go over the tubes twice to fully remove all the dirt present, the first pass got the majority of the dirt off and the second coat removed the last of the marks to give it the finished look. We used a full bottle of the Liquid Rib cleaner due to us spraying it on very liberally as it was a hot and sunny day so the cleaner was drying out fast. If you were to use the cleaner on a cooler day so it is present for longer while scrubbing you will be able to get more use out of the bottle. 

We were very impressed by the performance of the 'August Race Liquid Rib' cleaner 


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