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About Vision Marine


We at Vision Marine are a Family run Chandlery that has been operating out of Rosyth in Scotland since 2017, We are both an internet shop and have a physical shop based here in Rosyth.

We do things a bit differently from everyone else, we take a technology first approach in the way that we work to allow us to improve our service to you.

While our shop in Rosyth isn’t the biggest, we hold the essentials and some other items. For the larger more expensive items that we do not have here, we work very closely with a network of suppliers, distributors and manufacturers so that we are able to offer you even more choice - still with fast delivery services.

Being in Scotland and shipping all across the UK, doing this significantly reduces emissions, often time to get the products to you and it also allows us to reduce our prices as we don’t have huge overheads of stock.

So, what does the technology first approach mean?

In simple terms it means using technology to our advantage to help us offer you the best service we can, such as having systems in place so we are generally the cheapest on the internet (where we can be), keeping you informed and having a constantly changing & updated catalogue with an ever-expending range of choice.

At the moment our main focus is improving on our systems that keep you informed with your order then after that the focus is moving to offering even better choice with an even easier site to use and navigate.  


A bit more about us

All of us have grown up around boats and have a passion for messing about on the water, we love it and we also love helping you get what you need so you can mess about and have fun as well. – If you have any questions or queries feel free to give us a phone, we like a good friendly chat!

Helping people like us was one of the reasons we started Vision Marine but the main reason was to offer a better employment alternative for our son with learning difficulties as he approaches leaving school. 

In the future we hope to develop more employment opportunities with people with disabilities (particularly learning disabilities), to let them be a part of the success of a company and to give them the chance to share in our love of boats and the sea. This can be a life changing experience for many, giving freedoms that are often out of reach on land. To do this we will offer employment directly, but to increase the impact we have, we will also work with local and national suppliers and manufacturers that offer supported work for people with disabilities.

The environment and reducing our impact as much as possible is super important to us (our passion relies the environment after all), so we do what we can, we reuse boxes that we get in from suppliers and by getting the suppliers to ship items directly to you the carbon footprint is significantly reduced as the items aren’t having to travel all the way up to us first.


Our aim is to offer the best possible service – so this means getting you your order as soon as possible and having good communication. We are working on systems to make this better and better all the time but being a small company (without a massive IT team), it is an ongoing process that takes longer than we would hope but we are getting there.  

We may not get it right 100% of the time and sometimes we face technical issues but when we make sure to resolve it as soon as possible and do our best to make sure it doesn’t happen again.






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